Best Foods for Weight Loss

One of the most effective steps we can take when trying to lose weight, is choosing foods that will help us to feel fuller longer. The more we can feel full and satisfied, as opposed to feeling hungry and deprived, the more successful our weight loss efforts will be. The key foods to select are those that are high in fiber, protein and water content, while also being low in sugar and unhealthy fats. Here is a list of some of the best foods for weight loss. Incorporating just a few of these into our diets will not only help us to drop pounds, but will also make us healthier in the process.


Beans are a great choice for those of us who are trying to lose weight because they are rich in both fiber and protein, two of the main qualities to look for in foods for improved weight loss. Black beans for example, contain 15 grams of protein in one cup, with none of the saturated fat found in animal based protein sources.


Like beans, lentils are full of both fiber and protein, making them an excellent addition to our diets when we are trying to lose weight. In addition, lentils are also a great source of resistant starch, which has been show to help increase metabolism and burn fat.


Oatmeal is an excellent way to start our day when we are trying to lose weight. They are full of fiber which keeps us nice and full until it’s time for lunch.


Eggs are another great way to start the day. They contain enough protein to help us feel full and satisfied until our next meal.


Not all fats are to be avoided when trying to lose weight. The monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) found in avocados can actually help us to feel full longer, while also being heart healthy.


When we do decide to eat animal proteins, we should choose those that are low in saturated fats and high in MUFAs. Salmon is an excellent example of an animal protein that is high in those healthy MUFAs that we need to incorporate into our diets.


Just like not all fat is bad for us, neither is all sugar. Picking the right fruits can satisfy our sweet tooth while also helping us to control our weight. High fiber fruits like blueberries are an excellent example. A cup of blueberries has only 80 calories, but a full four grams of fiber. They also go great with oatmeal!


Another fruit that is a great choice for weight loss is pears. Just one pear has enough fiber to meet 15% of our daily recommendation. Plus a pear has lots of water, which also helps us to feel fuller longer.


Another fruit that is full of water, but with very few calories is grapefruit. In addition, grapefruit contains a compound that has been shown to lower insulin, helping in reducing fat storage in our bodies.

Green Tea

Green tea is practically entirely water, so it can help us feel full. The more we drink it throughout the day, the fuller we will feel. Plus the antioxidants in green tea have been shown to have fat burning properties.


Another drink option for weight loss is coffee. Not only does the caffeine curb our appetite, but the antioxidants in coffee can help to increase our metabolism, helping us to burn more fat.


Not all cheeses are created equal. Fresh cheeses like goat cheese and feta cheese contain healthy fatty acids that help us to feel full and actually burn fat. Cheeses made from milk from grass fed animals are higher in these fatty acids and are therefore the best choice.

Low-fat Milk

Low-fat milk contains those same fatty acids found in fresh cheeses that have been shown to help with burning fat. Milk is also high in protein, which keeps us full, and calcium, which has been shown to help with weight loss in women.


Not only are chickpeas full of fiber, protein, and healthy fatty acids, they are also a good source of resistant starch, which we know can help with fat burning and increasing our metabolism.


Quinoa feels like a starch when we eat it, but it’s actually an excellent source of protein. The high amounts of protein help us to feel fuller longer, so we end up eating less throughout the day.

Collard Greens

This incredible food is not only rich in vitamins, but it also contains 8 grams of fiber in just one serving. All that comes at a mere 6 calories!


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