40 Inspirational and Positive Documentaries to Watch

I am a big fan of documentaries and have watched quite a few over the years. However, I am an even bigger fan of positive and inspiring documentaries that lift the spirit and teach us valuable lessons. The impact that these documentaries have had on me still resonates years after watching them.

As some of you know, I stopped watching negative TV years ago and I am glad I did. Consequently, I became a big fan of documentaries and that is how I made it my hobby. There are so many insightful ones out there today on Netflix, YouTube, and on TV. Some are famous, but most of them are not because they do not appeal to the mainstream market. In fact, the producers of these documentaries often do not produce them to create a blockbuster hit. They do it because of their conviction to inform, inspire and educate others.

Listed below is a list of 40 wonderful documentaries. I hope they educate and inspire you.

  1. Craigslist Joe
  2. Food Matters
  3. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
  4. Man on Wire
  5. Forks Over Knives
  6. Keep on Keepin’ On
  7. Jiro Loves Sushi
  8. Somm
  9. Happy
  10. I Am
  11. Happy People: A Year in Taiga
  12. Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey
  13. Living On One Dollar
  14. Food, Inc.
  15. Wasteland
  16. Herb and Dorothy
  17. Ride the Divide
  18. Running the Sahara
  19. No Impact Man
  20. Pacific Warriors
  21. Fight For Justice: David and Me
  22. Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World
  23. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
  24. Desert Runners
  25. Touching the Void
  26. Hello I am David
  27. Monk With a Camera: The Life and Journey of Nicholas Vreeland
  28. Steal a Pencil For Me
  29. Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru
  30. Twinsters
  31. Finding Home
  32. Antarctica: A Year On Ice
  33. Valley Uprising
  34. Requiem For The American Dream
  35. Slingshot
  36. The Barkley Marathons
  37. The Beginning of Life
  38. Catching the Sun
  39. Blackfish
  40. The Square

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2 thoughts on “40 Inspirational and Positive Documentaries to Watch

  1. Thanks for this list! I’ve enjoyed a few of the documentaries. One not in the list is Chef’s Table, allowing us to understand the mindset and drive of world famous chefs!

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