The 100 percent Rule That Will Change Your Life

One of the simplest but most powerful concepts I have learned about is the 100 percent rule. It is so effective that, if adopted, it can literally change our lives and propel us to levels of success never before imagined. A large majority of the highest achievers in this world adhere to this rule in order to exploit their full potential and accomplish great things.

What Is the 100 Percent Rule?

Simply put, the 100 percent rules states that “99 percent is difficult. 100 percent is easy”. What this means is that a 99 percent committal to something is hard while a 100 percent committal is effortless. When we fully commit to a habit, lifestyle change, or action, it becomes easy. When we are only 99 percent committed, it becomes arduous and difficult.

When we make the conscious decision to commit ourselves 100 percent to doing something, we are, in essence, eliminating any exceptions or other possible choices. There are no ifs, whens or buts. There is no room for flexibility because we have decided that we will do it regardless of circumstances and how we feel. The choice has been made in advance with full dedication and intention. We have eradicated any other possibilities. We are determined to doing it no matter what. It is a done-deal. Case closed. We are ‘all in’. It becomes easy.

Conversely, when we only make a 99 percent committal to doing something, that leaves room for exceptions, error, and other choices. It means that we are committing to it, but not all the way. A 99 percent committal implies that there are times when we may not do what we set out to do due to certain circumstances. It leaves the door open for resistance and ‘non doing’. It becomes difficult.

The difference between people who are highly successful and those who are not is that extra 1 percent of committal. High achievers know the power of the 100 percent rule and they adhere to it no matter what the circumstances. They do not allow anything or anyone to dissuade or prevent them from doing something that they have committed themselves to. It becomes easy because they have eliminated all other choices. They have a ‘do or die’ mentality.

Think about the areas in your life that you have been wanting to improve but have not experienced success in. It could be the desire to lose weight, write a book, start a blog, stop drinking alcohol, meditate daily, start your own business, climb a mountain, travel the world, or get your Master’s degree. Have you made a 100 percent commitment to achieve it or have you made a partial commitment? Have there been times when you have rationalized in your head why it is okay to not follow through with your plans? I know I certainly have. And it got me nowhere.

Real Examples of People Using the 100 Percent Rule

I have a close friend, Niel, who achieved his goal to stop smoking. He had smoked cigarettes for many years and was tired of it. He made a 100 percent commitment to stop smoking and has not touched a cigarette since. He used the acronym N.O.P.E. (not one puff ever) to remind him of his 100 percent committal to being smoke-free. Even when he is around friends who are smoking, Niel will not succumb to temptation and smoke. In fact, he does not even consider smoking a cigarette to be an option. He is 100 percent dedicated and I know that he will never smoke again. More importantly, he knows that he will never smoke again. He also is an inspiration to others who desire to stop smoking.

My mother, who is now in her seventies, is another great example. She occasionally enjoys drinking a couple of glasses of wine or, her favorite, gin and tonic. Despite the fact that my mother has enjoyed drinkinging these cocktails throughout the years, I have never seen her drink to excess, get drunk, or lose control of her actions. Not once. It simply is NOT an option for her. She made a 100 percent commitment a long time ago when she was younger never to drink more than she was capable of handling. For her, that means one or two glasses and she never exceeds that. Nothing can dissuade her from holding fast on this rule. It is not an option for her. She is fully committed.

And then there is David Goggins, a former Navy Seal. He returned from Afghanistan after losing some of his buddies in battle. When younger, David struggled with asthma, obesity, sickle cell, physical and psychological abuse, a heart defect (which he still has), and a high school GPA of 1.8. He did not even enjoy running or riding a bicycle.

Yet David went on to lose weight, run multiple ultra marathons (covering a distance of at least 100 miles), complete triathlons, break the world record for the most pull ups completed in 24 hours (4025), cover 203 miles in a 48 hour ultra-endurance race, and raise over $2 million for charity. His success can be attributed to his 100 percent committal to succeed despite all the odds against him. He also gives motivational speeches encouraging others to do the same.

Choosing Where You Want to Apply the 100 Percent Rule

You do not have to apply the 100 percent rule to everything you do. It is important to have fun, relax, and appropriate time to do nothing. If you close your eyes and use your intuition, you will know which areas of your life would be best served by applying the 100 percent rule. It could be your goal to stop smoking, get fit, write your book, start your business, get your college degree, surround yourself with positive people, eat healthier, stop drinking alcohol, etc. Think of areas of your life that you really want to improve and excel in, then commit fully by applying the 100 percent rule.

For example, if you want to stop smoking, you could commit to never smoking a cigarette ever again no matter what the circumstances. If you want to get fit, you could commit to exercising for 30 minutes every day from Monday to Friday without ever skipping a day. If you want to write your book, you could commit to writing 5 pages every day no matter how you feel. If you want to eat healthier, you could commit to stop buying and eating unhealthy food and never making an exception. If your goal is to get your bachelors or masters degree, you could commit to enrolling in college, take 4 classes each semester, and studying 3 hours every day until you succeed. If you want to surround yourself with positive people, you could commit to getting rid of toxic and negative friends in your life and meeting 1 new friend each week. If you want to stop drinking alcohol, you could get rid of the all the alcohol in your house, never allowing a single drop to enter your mouth, stop going to bars altogether, and engage in healthier activities. If you want to start your own business, commit to taking the necessary steps each day to get your business up and running and never giving up no matter what. Even on days when you do not feel like following through on your commitment, do it anyway. That is the difference between a 99 percent commitment and one that is 100 percent. The point is to commit fully and make no exceptions. If you are 100 percent “all in”, you will succeed.

When you commit yourself 100 percent to a goal, it puts things in perspective and prioritizes your life. You know beforehand the tasks that you need to perform each day no matter what the situation. As you accomplish your goals, you can add new ones to commit to. It is a powerful goal-centric way of living your life. It builds mental toughness and tenacity. The 100 percent rule will also help free your mind of things that are trivial because you are so focused on your commitments.

Remember that people who succeed and excel do not have super or magical powers. They are merely reaping the benefit of their commitment. There is no reason why you cannot do the same. Apply the 100 percent rule to your goals and you will accomplish amazing things!

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