Exercising at Work, the Easy Way

We all know that we need to exercise more. Yet most of us struggle to find the time to get a workout on a regular basis. And also we have all read that the damage that comes from sitting at a desk all day while at work can’t be reversed by an hour of cardio a few times a week. The trick is finding a way to consistently fit in a few minutes of exercise throughout the day, every day. So how do you find a way to do that when you are stuck at a desk for eight hours?

Set a Schedule

No matter how busy your day in the office is, you can always find a few minutes here and there when you can leave your desk. Decide upfront how many times a day you are going to get up and walk away for at least five minutes. Create a schedule and set up alarms if you need to remind yourself that it’s time to get up and move! Most importantly, stick to it; don’t hit the snooze button and put it off for later because you know it will never happen. And here is an easy way to increase your number of workouts: I treat every time that I get up to go to the restroom as an opportunity to work in some exercise.

Pick short but intense exercises

If you work in a building with a staircase, you have a built-in stepper! I work in a two-story building so several times a day I will go to the lobby and quickly walk up and down that single flight of stairs for about five minutes. Yes, it looks silly to anyone passing by and to those outside the building (the staircase is next to a glass wall), but who cares? I’m doing something that makes me feel good and maybe I will inspire others to get up and move as well.

Don’t forget to work all your muscles

Climbing stairs is great at working your legs, but so are squats. And they can be done anywhere, no equipment needed. You don’t even have to leave your desk; just stand up and do four of five sets of squats. Remember to do them vigorously so you elevate your heart rate.

Working out your upper body is just as easy. Stand a little more than arm’s length away and you can do pushups against the wall; the further back you stand the more strenuous they will be. Or if you think the office floor is clean enough, you can do them the traditional way (but that is your call!). And you can do dips just as easily using a couple of office chairs (no wheels, of course). Just place the chairs facing each other, shoulder width apart, and rest the palms of your hands on the seats.

Recruit a workout buddy

Sticking to a routine is always easier when you have someone to do it with you. Find a coworker who also wants to exercise more. In addition to the short exercises that you can both do throughout the day, going for a brisk walk outdoors is a great way to spend part of your lunch hour. And having someone to do it with you makes it that much more enjoyable.

Finding ways to incorporate regular exercise into your work day can be really easy. You are only limited by your imagination. Why not make a commitment to start today? You will be glad you did, and you might become an inspiration to others as well.

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