100 Things I Am Grateful For

Practicing gratitude is probably one of the most important habits that one can have. It is a game-changer and will shift the way you think and feel. I know this because I started making gratitude a part of my daily routine a few years ago and it has changed my life for the better. I am still amazed how powerful spending a few minutes each day focusing on gratitude can be.

I am not going to go into how to practice gratitude in this post because I have already done so in a previous one. Instead, I am going to list some of the things that I am grateful for. It is safe to say that I have taken many of them for granted in the past. That is, until I started making gratitude part of my daily routine. I now count my blessings on a daily basis and find joy even in the seemingly mundane. This list is no particular order of importance.

  1. My comfortable bed
  2. Clean laundry
  3. A hot cup of tea
  4. A good book
  5. Positive and uplifting TV shows and movies
  6. The smell of gasoline at the gas station
  7. My comfortable couch
  8. A warm and soft blanket
  9. A hot shower
  10. The great customer service at my grocery store
  11. Fresh organic vegetables
  12. My dentist who makes my visits less stressful
  13. Good wine
  14. A clean kitchen sink
  15. My local gym and the ability to exercise
  16. My health
  17. Bird watching
  18. The kindness of others
  19. Airconditioning
  20. Each and every member of my family
  21. The ability to download and take my books with me anywhere I go
  22. Run-flat car tires
  23. Nature and its wonders
  24. Florida oranges
  25. Going grocery shopping
  26. Quiet time and the sound of silence
  27. A warm smile from a stranger
  28. Hugs
  29. The herbs growing in my garden
  30. My German chef’s knife
  31. The ability to ignore or turn off my cell phone
  32. Steamed edamame
  33. The fact that I have food on my plate every day
  34. Spotify music
  35. My local library
  36. Police and fire rescue personnel
  37. Readers of this blog
  38. Cats, including stray ones
  39. Hiking in nature
  40. My DSLR camera
  41. The people who have forgiven me for my wrongs
  42. Brita water filters
  43. The smell of the ocean
  44. Warm sunny days
  45. Rainy days
  46. Homemade pasta
  47. Communication technology that allows me to stay in touch with others
  48. My friends
  49. Daily meditation
  50. Sushi
  51. Random acts of kindness
  52. The remote control for my ceiling fan
  53. My electric toothbrush
  54. Online shopping and the ability to shop from home
  55. The other side of the pillow
  56. Organic farmers
  57. The smell of a homemade pie in the oven
  58. My reliable car
  59. Paying off my credit card in full every month
  60. Weddings and people who are in love
  61. Members of our armed forces who protect me, my family, and the country
  62. My email spam filter
  63. Good music
  64. Positive people
  65. The ability to not mind what others think of me
  66. Children and their innocence
  67. Being able to laugh at myself
  68. Art of all kinds
  69. Sitting and doing nothing
  70. Witnessing the success of other people
  71. Comfortable shoes
  72. Buy 1 get 1 deals at the store
  73. Amazon customer reviews
  74. Meals with family and friends
  75. The luxury of sleeping early and waking up early
  76. Short road trips
  77. A cool breeze
  78. Good conversation with no distractions (see number 31)
  79. My electric juicer
  80. Going for a walk
  81. The freedom to make choices
  82. Grandparents and their wisdom
  83. Knowing that disappointment and hardships never last
  84. Knowing that all of us are connected in some way, shape or form
  85. Waking up and living another day
  86. Google docs
  87. Ice on a warm day
  88. Traveling to new places
  89. Simple words of encouragement
  90. Singing along to my favorite music, even if it is out of tune
  91. The sound of a guitar
  92. School teachers
  93. Punctuality and the resulting lack of stress
  94. The sound of laughter
  95. People who recognize injustices and suffering and take action to rectify them
  96. Flying a kite on the beach
  97. Free air for your tires at gas stations
  98. More access to knowledge than ever before
  99. Warm pyjamas on a cold day
  100. Diversity and different opinions

We have so much to be grateful for. All we need to do is to take a little time each day to notice.

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