30-Day Challenges That Anyone Can Do

I love 30-day challenges. It is an exciting and excellent way to improve one or more facets of your life, learn something new, and venture away from your comfort zone. I am of the opinion that 30 days is an ideal length of time during which to undertake a challenge because it is long enough to really make an impact, but brief enough to not be too daunting for most.

I have read about so many different 30-day challenges, and they all are impressive. However, I believe that the average person with a busy schedule cannot take 30 days off to hike the Grand Canyon, meditate in an Ashram in India, bike across the country. Most people have no choice but to incorporate a 30-day challenge into their busy lives. That is why I came up with the 31 challenges listed below.

These challenges are achievable by almost anyone with the desire and motivation. They are not necessarily easy to accomplish, but they are doable by anyone who is willing to prioritize his or her daily schedule. These challenges will also make a positive impact on your life and, maybe, even become a lifelong habit. Most of these challenges involve important life skills that all of us will benefit from. Another reason these challenges are doable by almost everyone is that they do not require expensive equipment or a large amount of money.

Some of you might already be doing things on the list every day, and I commend you for that. The key is to pick one or more challenges that encompass an area of your life that you feel is lacking or needs improvement. The more personal the challenge is, the more motivated you will be to achieve it. Not only will you benefit greatly from developing a new life skill or positive habit, the confidence and fulfillment you will gain from successfully completing your challenge will change your life for the better.

A few things to remember before you begin your challenge:

  • Prepare adequately: For example, if your challenge is to cook all your food for 30 days, make sure you stock up on groceries
  • If you falter one day, simply resume the next day
  • Get the support of family and friends
  • It will not be easy, that’s why it is called a challenge
  • It will not be too difficult for you to achieve. You CAN do it

The List:

  1. No watching TV
  2. Watch 1 documentary or TED talk every day
  3. No eating meat
  4. 20 minutes of daily exercise (the longer the better)
  5. Juice vegetables and fruits every day
  6. 30 minutes of daily reading (books or ebooks)
  7. No eating out, cook all your meals
  8. Do not talk bad about anyone/no gossiping
  9. Meditate daily
  10. Sleep early, wake up early
  11. Write a letter to, email or call a family member or friend every day
  12. No sugar, desserts
  13. Have a healthy breakfast every day
  14. Drink 8 cups of water daily
  15. Maintain a gratitude journal and write in it every day
  16. No social media (Facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, etc)
  17. Do not read or watch the news
  18. Eat organic and free range food only
  19. Do at least 1 kind deed for someone each day
  20. Refrain from drinking alcohol
  21. Eat each meal mindfully with no distractions (no cell phones, watching TV, etc)
  22. Maintain 30 minutes of silence each day
  23. Brush your teeth twice and floss each day
  24. Daily yoga
  25. Refrain from complaining about anything at all
  26. Positive visualization daily
  27. Do something romantic/nice for your partner/spouse every day
  28. Pay 5 compliments each day
  29. Learn a new word every day
  30. No coffee, drink green tea instead
  31. No eating carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc)

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