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70 Simple Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Day

I love random acts of kindness. These small, or not so small, deeds really do make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. The greater the number of people that commit to performing these acts of kindness, the more exponential the effect because of its contagious nature.

Any act of kindness has value, no matter how big or small. However, the acts of kindness listed below are ones that you can do TODAY because they do not require preparation, planning, or a long-term commitment. If we can perform at least one of these kind acts each and every day, we will slowly, but surely, leave an indelible legacy of kindness in this world:

  1. Give someone a thoughtful gift (it does not have to be expensive)
  2. Hold the door open for someone
  3. Write someone a thank you note
  4. Send someone an email just to say hello
  5. Call a friend or family member for no reason other than to chat
  6. Pay the toll for the driver behind you
  7. Pay for someone’s groceries at the grocery store
  8. Buy someone a cup of coffee
  9. Let someone cut in in traffic
  10. Help a driver in need fix a flat tire or in some other way
  11. Give up a parking space to someone and park further away
  12. Give up your place in line at the bank, grocery store, etc.
  13. Pay someone a genuine and heartfelt compliment
  14. Send flowers to someone, just because
  15. Plant a tree or a plant
  16. Do not complain about anything the entire day
  17. Cook or buy some food for someone
  18. Donate old clothes and stuff you do not need
  19. Take the time to listen to someone attentively rather than monopolize the conversation
  20. Take your grocery cart back to the store after you are done
  21. Bake cookies or a cake for someone
  22. Forgive someone who wronged you in the past
  23. Tip someone you wouldn’t ordinarily tip
  24. Tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them
  25. Give something away on Craigslist
  26. Give away lottery tickets
  27. Offer to babysit for someone
  28. Do not gossip about anyone the entire day
  29. Thank your mailman for his hard work
  30. Give someone an inspiring book
  31. Donate books to the library
  32. Pick up trash that you see
  33. Give someone a ride in your car
  34. Call your grandparents to chat
  35. Make a donation to a worthy cause (it does not have to be a lot)
  36. Put your phone away when in the company of others and do not keep checking it
  37. Smile at someone random
  38. Hug someone to show you care
  39. Put positive sticky notes in places where others will see them and be uplifted
  40. Stop to talk to a homeless person
  41. Write or tell your partner what you love about him or her
  42. Put together a small herb garden for someone
  43. Say thank you to the janitor at your work, school, or gym
  44. Frame a friend’s favorite quote or lyric and give it to them
  45. Drop off cat or dog food at an animal shelter as they are always in need
  46. Make 2 lunches instead of 1 and give one away at work or school
  47. Be patient, kind and gracious to the customer rep on the phone
  48. Tell a police officer how much you appreciate him or her
  49. Apologize to someone, even if it is not your fault
  50. Thank your garbage collectors, leave them a nice note
  51. Stick a few coins on a gumball machine for a kid to use
  52. Stick a sealed bag of popcorn onto a Redbox machine
  53. Get a free 1-week pass to your gym and give it to a friend or family member
  54. Make friends with and help someone new in your gym
  55. Place a happy or positive sign in your front yard
  56. Help retrieve your neighbour’s garbage can from the curb after collection
  57. Compliment a parent with polite and well-behaved kids
  58. Leave only positive comments and responses on social media
  59. Share a friend’s blog, business website or art on social media
  60. Leave a box of tennis balls at the park with a sign that explains it is meant for dog owners to use to play with their dogs
  61. Offer that old cell phone, laptop, TV, or computer to someone in need
  62. Place a positive or happy sign or sticker on your car so that is visible to other drivers
  63. Make a difference by donating funds to someone on Kiva, Kickstarter or GoFundMe
  64. Recommend someone for a job opening
  65. Donate blood
  66. Carpool with someone
  67. Pay for someone else’s meal anonymously at a restaurant
  68. Drop-off personal hygiene items or diapers at a local shelter
  69. Do not correct someone, especially in public, even if you know they are wrong
  70. Keep an extra umbrella in your car to lend someone in the event of rain

All of us can make a difference by doing the little things that matter every day! Leave a comment if you have other ideas to suggest.

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